Free-spirited beer for free-spirited people.
We at The Freefolk Brewery believe in the power of crafting things.
Wild things.
Free things.
Folk things.
We believe that by crafting these things we can craft a culture.
We believe in bringing folk together to share experiences, adventure, and friendship.
Craft Beer.
Craft Culture.
Craft Life.


The Freefolk Brewery was co-founded by Jeff Edwards and Jamie Lester; and is now co-owned by Jeff and Sarah Edwards in the heart of the New River Gorge. Jeff began brewing beer in his Morgantown, WV back yard in 2014, on a 15-gallon system that he cobbled together from a few different garage sales. What started as a hobby soon turned into an obsession, as he fell in love with the process of creating beer. The first taproom in downtown Fayetteville was opened by co-founders Jeff and Jamie in 2019. They filled the space with handcrafted steel features, wood, blacksmithing, concrete, and covered every inch of the walls with painted murals.
Our brand and team has quickly grown, and in the fall of 2022, we relocated to a bigger production facility in Hico, WV. The Freefolk Brewhouse and Tasting Room is located just 12 miles North of downtown Fayetteville. Our core brands such as MoonDog’s Blonde and Orange Oswald IPA have remained central, while still dabbling with experimentation and versatility in the brews. We opened our second tasting room on sight to foster community here as well. The brewpub model is a key element at Freefolk, centering on the ability to brew and serve beer in an environment designed to be comfortable, inspiring, and fun.

The Freefolk Brewery is dedicated to the balance of success while also serving our community. We are focused on being a steward for the environment, and a cultural ambassador for visitors from all over the country. We are excited to show everyone what we have to offer, and how we can help to make our world a cleaner, more beautiful and tasty place.



Co-Owner/Brew Master

Jeff’s personal passion for brewing has evolved into a community centered craft in the heart of the New River Gorge. Jeff’s get it done attitude inspired him to share his craft with the people.


Co-owner/FIRST Lady

Sarah is our behind the scenes guru! She keeps the wheels turning (literally) and the spirits high with her endless positivity and hands-on approach. She’s the best brewery mom there is!



Jim has been with the team since the beginning, and his role has evolved. He’s basically done every job in the brewery, and is now our Head Brewer. His creativity, tenacity, and dedication truly elevate our team.

Summer Lee

Marketing and Sales Director

Summer helps organize many different day-to-day operations, but these days she primarily travels around the state to share our beer with y’all, coordinates events, and manages all things digital! 

Kyle Spradling

Operations Director

Kyle is a jack of all trades at Freefolk. He’s our head delivery man, in charge of packaging and logistics, and fills in anywhere needed. Be sure to tell him ‘hi’ if you see him on the road!

Rachel Kostoff

Taproom Manager

Rachel keeps the taproom flowing with her hard work ethic and infectious smile! Her enthusiasm for customer service and love of craft beer has led her to us at Freefolk and we’re so lucky to have her!




Brewhouse Phone: 304-658-6005

Taproom Phone: 304-574-6094


General Inquiries:

[email protected]